Formation of image by a convex mirror class 10 | cbse24

Case1:- When an object is placed anywhere between pole (P) and infinity in front of a concave mirror.

the image formed between

1:-behind the mirror between P and focus F

2:-Virtual and erect

3:-Diminished(smaller than the object)

Example:-the image of matchstick in the convex mirror is virtual erect and diminished(smaller in size)

Case2;-When the object is at infinity

the image formed between

1:-Behind the mirror at focus F

2:-Virtual and erect

3:-Highly diminished (smaller than the object)

Use of convex mirror

1:-Convex mirror are used as rear -view mirror in vehicle(like car ,truck) to see the traffic at the rear side or back side

Note:-We do not use concave mirror in motor vehicle as a rear -view because its image formation is real and all vehicles become upside of plane type become up and body become downside.


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