Formation of different types of images by a convex lenses class 10 | cbse24

Case1:Image formed by a convex lens when the object is placed between optical centre and focus(object between C and F')

the image formed is

1:-behind the object(on the left side of lens)

2:Virtual and erect

3:-larger than the object(enlarged or magnified)

Example:-A convex lens is producing a magnified image of the middle part of the comb.

Case2:-When the object is placed at the focus of a convex lens(object at F)

image formed is

1:-At infinity

2:-Real and inverted

3:-Highly enlarged

Case3:-When the object is between F ' and 2F '(object between f and 2f)

image formed is

1:-Beyond 2F

2:-Real and Inverted

3:-Larger than the object (or magnified)

Case4:-When the object is at 2F '(object at 2f)

image formed is

1:-At a distance 2f on the other side of the lens

2:-Real and inverted

3:-The same size as the object

Case5:-When the object is beyond 2 F ' (object beyond 2f)

the image formed is

1:-Between formed 2f on the other side of the lens

2:-Real and inverted

3:-Smaller than the object(Diminished)

Case6:-When the object is at infinity (∞)

the image formed is

1:-At the focus

2:-Real and inverted

3:-Much smaller than the object(or highly diminished)

Use of Convex Lenses:

1:-Convex lenses are used in spectacles to correct the defect of vision called hypermetropia (or long-sightedness)

2:-Convex lens is used for making a simple camera

3:-Convex lens is used as a magnifying glass(or magnifying lens, by palmists, watchmakers etc)

4:-Convex lenses are used in making microscope, telescope and slid projectors(or film projectors)


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